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Current Studies

  • Want to get paid to text about food? Recruiting participants

    Bowling Green State University
    Recruitment started 2021-01-19 12:51:14

    Hello, We are recruiting participants for a text-message based study about dietary protein consumption. If you qualify, you will be asked to complete 3 pre-surveys (general questionnaire and two d...

  • Seeking Bug Chasers and/or Gift Givers

    Adler University
    Recruitment started 2021-01-18 22:08:30

    My name is Airriell Thomas and I am a 5th year doctoral student at Adler University. Personal and professional experiences with chronic illness, including HIV, have fueled this dissertation study. ...

  • New Research Study Opportunity

    University Of North Carolina
    Recruitment started 2021-01-13 09:44:39

    Research Opportunity: Hormones & Eating Many people report that they eat more before their menstrual period. But we don’t yet know exactly which hormones are involved in this change or why this ...

  • Female Sexual Orientation Genetic Research Study

    Northshore University Healthsystem
    Recruitment started 2021-01-12 10:40:48

    Dr. Alan Sanders and his team at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) are searching for genes that influence female sexual orientation.Our study will look for genes that may influence so...

  • Have you used Alcohol or Drugs in the Past Year?

    University Of Sheffield
    Recruitment started 2021-01-07 07:16:42

    Hi,My name is Sophie Pott and I’m a PhD researcher from the Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield.We are currently conducting a study on mental health and substance use in the U...

  • Job satisfaction among expatriates

    Capella University
    Recruitment started 2021-01-06 20:45:29

    INFORMED CONSENT FORM Study Title: Job satisfaction among expatriates Researcher: Edgar Mendiola Email Address: emendiola@capellauniversity.edu Telephone Number: (435-518-5068) Research Superviso...