About FindParticipants

We (FindParticipants) are the solution to the academic researcher problem of recruiting research participants. We scour the globe seeking qualified research participants so that academic researchers have a quick, easy, inexpensive, and functional way to recruit research participants for their studies.

FindParticipants was created around the idea that it shouldn't be so complicated, ineffective, time consuming, and expensive to recruit research participants for academic research studies. The catch was that we also wanted to ensure diverse sample populations, eliminating convenience sampling (and that particularly pesky "Limitations" section on research papers).

Who We Are

FindParticipants was created, and is operated by academic researchers in a number of locations and disciplines. We are user interface researchers, psychologists, marketers, business-people, designers, and more!

Why We Do This

We do this because we've all dealt with the continual struggle of recruiting qualified research participants, and there is no reason it should be that frustrating for what is often smaller numbers of participants than needed.

We do this because research participants previously had no effective way to participate in worldwide academic research studies.

We do this because we wanted to bring the research participants, and the academic researchers of the world together into one beautiful happy place.

We call that place FindParticipants.com.