Carpal Tunnel/hand/wrist Pain Relief Study

We are looking for individuals aged 18 and older suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome/wrist/hand pain to participate in a study, conducted by a group of world-known scientists. This exciting pilot study examines the healing benefits of energy medicine on pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

The study takes place at the Institute of Noetic Sciences campus in Petaluma, CA and consists of 2 visits, three weeks apart, to complete the healing session with a professional energy medicine practitioner, evaluation tests, and surveys. These tests include nerve conduction, biological markers of inflammation, and well-being and pain questionnaires taken before and after the healing session.

After completing your second visit, you will receive a $200 gift card as a THANK YOU for helping to investigate the potential of energy medicine healing practices.

You may email with the subject: PAIN RELIEF PILOT STUDY if you have any questions and/or would like to take part in this study. Please include your preferred email and phone number so someone can respond to you within the next couple of days.

We look forward to your participation.


Compensation: $200 MasterCard gift card

Location: Petaluma, CA


Meredith Pierson at Institute Of Noetic Sciences

Recruitment Began

2019-06-06 23:20:02


Petaluma, CA


$200 MasterCard gift card