Individual Resilience In The Workplace.

Individual Resilience in the workplace 

The following questionnaire is part of my thesis, which I am currently writing at the Chair of Management (Strategy and Leadership) at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

The focus of this research is the concept of individual resilience in the context of the workplace.

As today's world of work is more affected than ever by disruption and turbulence, individual resilience could be an important personal resource that enables employees to deal successfully with those adversities. Moreover the study links individual resilience with the design of the workplace, emotions, personal traits and behavior.


  • Part-time or full-time employment
  • Over 18 years old

Please complete this questionnaire on a computer, mobile devices are not supported.

The total processing time of the questionnaire is around 25 minutes. 

Among all study participants a total of 15 Amazon vouchers will be raffled (2 x 50 Euros / 3 x 20 Euros / 4 x 10 Euros / 6 x 5 Euros).

The study meets the ethical requirements of the University of Konstanz. The data collected from this study is going to be used for research purposes only. Participation in this study is on a voluntary basis and can be discontinued without any explanation. You also have the option of deleting the data you provided.


Thank you very much for your participation!

David Schmid


Compensation: Prize draw: 2x 50 € / 3x 20 € / 4x 10 € / 6x 5 € - Amazon voucher



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Prize draw: 2x 50 € / 3x 20 € / 4x 10 € / 6x 5 € - Amazon voucher


  • Age: 20 to 82