Agriculture Industry: Blockchain And Social Responsibility


Based on your background within the Agricultural indsutry in the United States, you have been selected as a potential participant in the research study, "How does the agricultural industry in the United States use blockchain ledgers to assist with the validation of socially responsible supply chain activities?"  This study is a short 10 minute survey that explores your role within the agricultural industry, the importance your organization places on technology and socially responsible activities, and how emerging technology such as Blockchain may be used to support those activities.  This research is being conducted by Tanner Jones, a student at the University of Liverpool, U.K., as a part of the dissertation process.

As todays consumers have access to a wider source of information, the way a business operates and the methods they implore are put under the microscope.  Of those, socially responsible techniques have gained a strong traction in the consumers mind.  The researchers aim to understand how blockchain technology is being utilized within the agricultural industry to validate socially responsible activities.  This technology provides a secure and transparent way of sharing and validating information being shared along the supply chain, another way for organizations to prove they are being socially responsible.

Once the survey is opened via the provided URL, you will be prompted to read two questions regarding your participation in the study.  Once your understand is recorded, you will proceed to 8 more questions guaging the information mentioned above.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the points of contact provided in the survey.

Thank you for your participation and time!

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  • Age: 19 to 70
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Employment Industry: Agriculture, forestry and fishing