Wisdom Of The Crowds: A New Social Media For Research

Wisdom of the Crowds: A new Social Media Platform for Serious Research

Maggie Yu, a PhD student at Massey University, New Zealand, is developing a new social media platform (wisenet.site) for people over 50 and researchers for her study on wisdom of the crowds, which refers to the phenomenon that the aggregation of information in a group often generates solutions that outperform any solution by any individual member of the group. The platform can be a new venue for targeted people for self-expression, creativity, social engagement, and idea-sharing. It intends to focus on discussions of current significant social issues, which targeted people may be interested in. The insights from the discussions will be analyzed and aggregated to obtain wisdom of the crowds to help address related research questions for the benefit of society. For example, the research report may be referred to government for policy initiatives related to this age group. Consequently, this group of people may gain benefits from their participation (e.g., having the policy meeting their needs).

Call for participants:

Currently, we are hosting a discussion on the following topic on the platform. If you are 50 years old or above and interested in this topic, you may sign up for the platform to participate in the discussion.

How can people over 50 manage Covid-19?

  1. From your experience, what are the best practices for people over 50 to manage the effects of Covid-19?
  2. What are your suggestions on government policies or health systems to help people over 50 better deal with Covid-19?


Your participation, which is completely voluntary and anonymous, is greatly appreciated.

 To sign up, please click the platform link: http://www.wisenet.site/wisenet/register.php.


For more information, please read the Information Sheet: http://www.wisenet.site/wisenet/InformationSheet.html.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact:

PhD student, Maggie (Ji Yu), j.yu3@massey.ac.nz, 64 (09) 414 0800 ext. 43180

Compensation: 10 USD Amazon Gift Card

Location: http://www.wisenet.site/wisenet/register.php


Ji Yu at Massey University

Recruitment Began

2021-04-21 21:50:02




10 USD Amazon Gift Card


  • Age: 50 to 94
  • Language: English