Trauma And Related Positive Emotions

HREA Identifier: RH02323

Explanatory Statement


Research Project: Trauma, Psychological Capital, Self-Compassion, and Learning Style


Study description

I, Tamryn Morgan, am currently a student completing a thesis towards meeting part of the requirements for the Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science at Bond University under the supervision of Professor Richard Hicks in the School of Psychology.  

     We are conducting research into experiences of adverse events or trauma in people’s lives. We are specifically interested in relationships between the experiences of trauma at different levels and their relationships to factors such as psychological strengths (‘capital’), the amount of compassion we feel for ourselves, and the influence of positive attachment experiences.


Participant role

As a participant, you will be asked to complete an online survey. The survey consists of items that assess positive traits (psychological strengths), levels of experienced trauma and related symptoms, together with demographic questions such as age, gender, and education level. Individuals aged 18 years and above are invited to participate in the survey which will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete in a quiet environment.

You do not need to have experienced adverse events or trauma to contribute to this study as we are comparing different experiences of participants. All adults over 18 are invited to participate.


Anticipated benefits and possible risks of the research

This study aims to increase the understanding of the association between levels of adverse or traumatic events experienced, positive personal traits, feelings about ourselves, and the effects of close relationships (attachment). Study findings may have important implications for personal welfare and recovery of wellbeing.

      Participation in the survey poses minimal risk to participants. However, should you experience distress, please seek support through your local General Practitioner, Beyond Blue on 1300659467, LifeLine on 1800 809 384, or other support organisation.


Participation is voluntary

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw from the survey at any time. However, please note that due to the anonymity of the data, there will be no ability to remove your responses from the data set once you have completed the survey.


Your Privacy

All data you provide is anonymous. All data will be stored in a secure location at Bond University for a period of five years, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee. No personal identifying details of any participant will be collected and therefore cannot be passed on to any third party. Data collected in this study may be reported in general group terms (e.g., in journal publication) but no individual responses will be published.


If you have any complaints concerning how this research (HREA: DS03488) is being conducted, please do not hesitate to contact the Bond University Research Ethics Committee at the following address:



Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee (BUHREC)

Bond University Office of Research Services, Bond University, Gold Coast QLD 4229 Australia

Telephone: (07) 5595 4194; Fax (07) 5595 1120



Thank you for your time in contributing to this research project.


Dr Richard Hicks                       Tamryn Morgan                                        

Principal Researcher               Student Researcher                                  

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Tamryn Morgan at Bond University

Recruitment Began

2019-01-28 23:00:02





  • Age: 18 to 92
  • Gender: Male, Female, Rather not say
  • Country: American Samoa, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States
  • Language: English