Social Rejection And Beliefs About The World

Study Title: Social rejection and its links with psychological flexibility and conspiracy beliefs

You are invited to take part in this research study that explores the links between social rejection, psychological flexibility, and belief in conspiracy theories.  Dr Daniel Waldeck—Lecturer in Psychology in the School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences at Coventry University—is leading this research.

If you choose to take part in this study then please click on the link below. You will be invited to complete an informed consent form in order to take part. If you complete the whole study then you will have the option to be entered into a raffle with the opportunity to win £50 (or equivalent in another currency). There are no known risks to taking part in this survey. Any information that you give during the study will be kept confidential and anonymous in accordance with data protection legislation. You have the right to withdraw at any time until 1st September 2021 by providing a unique identifier within the survey.


The study has been approved in accordance with the University’s Ethical Policy Framework. If you have any concerns about this email then do let me know.


The survey should take no more than 20-25 minutes to complete.


If you would like to take part in my study then please click the link below:


Compensation: Random drawing for £50 (or equivalent in another currency)



Daniel Waldeck at Coventry University

Recruitment Began

2021-06-16 08:50:02



Random drawing for £50 (or equivalent in another currency)


  • Age: 18 to 94
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English