Confused By The Health Information On Food Packaging?


In this study we are looking at health claims on food packages and the wording that manufacturers use to communicate them to consumers.

Do you find yourself confused by the amount of health information on food packaging, and the range of different information across products? If so, you're not alone! Our research has shown that most consumers aren't able to identify health claims from the rest of the claims on food packaging, and quite often don't understand them even when they can be identified.

Food health claims are regulated by the European Commission and worded in very specific ways to maintain scientific accuracy. However, food manufacturers are allowed to change the wording provided they do not change the meaning of the claim. This means that there is a wide variety of ways in which health claims can be presented to consumers, resulting in a lack of consistency in the way this information is presented.

With funding from EIT Food, the University of Reading and partners have developed a web application called "Health Claims Unpacked", where you can learn about health claims and have your say on how you think claims should be worded by designing your own food packs.

It should take about 20 minutes to complete all the activities on our website. There are no limits on how many people can take part of the demographic representation, so please feel encouraged to share the website with all your friends and family too!

Head over to to sign up, or visit to learn more about the project and to read our blog.

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Prof. Rodney Jones (Principal Investigator)

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