Teachers Who Experienced Student Death


 My name is Mitea Lakins. I am a doctoral candidate at Capella University in the School of Counseling and Human Services. I am conducting a study entitled: How Certified K-8 Teachers Describe Their Experience with Student Death: A Qualitative Analysis.  You are eligible to participate in this study if: you are a certified K-8 teacher, a student died while in your class, and you are willing to discuss this experience.

 However, if I know you on a personal level, you are currently receiving counseling related to the student death, the death was within this year or more than 25 years ago you are not eligible to participate in this study.

 The purpose of this research study is to fulfill a graduate degree and gather data about teachers experiences to inform educational stakeholders about student death from the teacher’s perspective. The results of the study will describe and provide insight about teachers experiences and what supports, and resources can help them. 

 Participation is voluntary and will be kept confidential. If you decide to participate in this study, you will be interviewed by me (via skype) about your experience. Participants will receive a $10 Wawa gift card. If you are interested, please contact me for more information at MLakins@Capellauniversity.edu or (609)783-1970. 


Compensation: $10 Wawa gift card

Location: https://forms.gle/fC5DPpKtshDPwCVY9


Mitea Lakins at Capella University

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2020-03-13 16:20:02




$10 Wawa gift card


  • Age: 21 to 83
  • Country: United States
  • Education: College Graduate (4 year)
  • Employment Industry: Education, training