Chicago Men Who Have Been In Prison/incarcerated

About the Study and Myself

My name is Carly Payne, and I am a doctoral student in Adler University’s Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) Program. I am currently working on my dissertation, which is a research study looking at different experiences for people who have transitioned back to the community after being released from prison. My study has been reviewed and approved by Adler University's Internal Review Board (IRB).

Participation Requirements

  • one-hour interview in person


  • $25 check

Potential Participant Demographic Information:

  • Be 25-35-year-old males who live in Chicago
  • Have a history of being affiliated with a gang
  • Have been released from prison within the past 6 to 24 months prior to participating
  • Identify as Black/African-American, Latino/Hispanic, and White/European-American
    • currently not accepting White-identified individuals who have just immigrated to the U.S. - must be second-generation U.S. citizens if White

What the Study is Looking At

  • challenges you face or have faced in transitioning back into your community
  • challenges with accessing or using available supports and resources
  • discrimination and other social challenges (based on race or having been in prison)

Where We Will Meet

I will meet you at a convenient location with a privacy level that is comfortable for you (i.e. private office, coffee shop, library, Adler University office) to minimize financial and time strain on you. I will not meet in a private residence per my school's requirements and to protect your privacy.


Please contact me at to participate.

Dissertation Committee Information

My dissertation committee consists of Dr. Moore (chairperson of my dissertation committee), Dr. Bluvshtein (committee member), and Dr. Nichols (committee member), who are all Adler University professors.

Compensation: $25 for 1 hour

Location: Chicago, IL


Carly Payne at Adler University

Recruitment Began

2019-12-05 15:00:01


Chicago, IL


$25 for 1 hour


  • Age: 25 to 35
  • Gender: Male, Trans Male
  • Ethnicity: Black, African American, Hispanic/Latino-American, White
  • Country: United States
  • City: Chicago
  • Language: English