Lifestyle And Personality Questionnaire

Dear participant,
I’m Ale, a researcher in Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome and I would like to invite you to take part in a research study on healthy lifestyle and personality. Participate is easy: you can fill out the survey (it’s anonimous and it will take around 15-20 minutes) and you will discover how healthy is your lifestyle from 0=not healthy to 50=very healthy. Taking part in this survey will give you the opportunity to win a $30 Amazon Gift card.
Thank you very much

Compensation: Random drawing of 2 $30 Amazon Gift



Alessandra Monni at University Of Cagliari

Recruitment Began

2019-10-09 11:50:02



Random drawing of 2 $30 Amazon Gift


  • Age: 20 to 82
  • Language: English