Doctoral Study

I am working on a doctoral dissertation, entitled, “Maximizing the Value of Stakeholders: A Phenomenological Study Looking at Why Information Technology Projects Fail” My research will be overseen by my faculty mentor, Dr. Azad Ali
My research examines the lack of stakeholder engagement as a contributing factor of information technology project failure. The primary question being asked is what causes stakeholders to disengage within a failing information technology project that delivers a product or service. I will be recruiting end-users key stakeholders that benefit from an information technology project to participate in my study.
I am requesting permission to conduct my dissertation research at [insert name of site].
Specifically, I am requesting permission to engage in the following research activities:
• In-depth multiple Interviews with Participants
This project will begin once I have obtained approval from Capella University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), which will review my study to ensure the adequacy of my plan for protecting participants.
My anticipated projected start date is July 1, 2020, and I expect that this study will last 22 weeks.
Any data collected will be kept confidential. In accordance with Capella policy and best practices for ethical research, neither participants nor sites will be identified in any report of my findings or in my published dissertation. I will provide a copy of the aggregate results from this study upon your request.

Nathaniel Burgess

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Nathaniel Burgess at Capella University

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  • Age: 20 to 50
  • Employment Industry: Information and communication (IT)