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My name is Calvin and I am from the Center for Cognitive and Brain Health at Northeastern University. I found your contact through findparticipants.com and I am reaching out to see if you have any interest in our Daily Activity Study of Health (DASH).

The study is funded by the National Institute on Aging and will examine changes in emotion, thinking, and daily activities in older adulthood. We are looking for adults 60-95 years old who can walk without assistance or much difficulty and have access to a computer with internet at home. Once started, this study lasts for 3 months, and explores whether health messaging affects older adults' brain health and behavior. Because of COVID-19, our study is primarily administered remotely through study visits on the computer. The study also includes two optional MRIs (the only in-person parts of the study), but a (fully remote) version of DASH without MRIs is also available. Participants will be compensated for the time spent on study activities, which would be about 12-18 hours total, split over many sessions. 

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, I can schedule a 30-40 minute phone call with you, where we will discuss more details of the study and ask some questions to determine if you are eligible. Please send me a message at dashresearchstudy@gmail.com letting me know when you are available this week or next and we can set up a time for this. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


I look forward to speaking with you,


(857) 327-7944

Compensation: $20/hour

Location: https://web.northeastern.edu/cbhlab/research/dash/


Lauren Voso at Northeastern University

Recruitment Began

2021-07-12 10:10:02






  • Age: 60 to 94
  • Country: United States