How Are People Over 50 Managing The Effects Of Covid-19?

 How are people over 50 managing the effects of Covid-19? Making Your Voice Heard

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly strained health systems and upended economies. People over 50 are particularly vulnerable to the infection and the secondary effects of the coronavirus and require special attention. Social media with its advanced technological capabilities provides an avenue for them to mitigate negative consequences caused by Covid-19 by helping them acquire and share information, retain social connections, and gain social support. It also can be leveraged to better understand the impact of Covid-19 on this group, which is an area that has not been broadly studied yet.

For these purposes, Maggie Yu, a PhD student at the School of Management, Massey University, New Zealand, has developed a new social media platform ( It focuses on discussions of current significant social issues, which this group may be interested in. The objective of the research is to gain insights from the discussions and generate ‘wisdom of the crowds’-type data to help address current social problems for the benefit of society. For example, the findings may be referred to the government for policy initiatives related to this group, which in turn may benefit them.

Call for participants:

Currently, we are hosting a discussion on the following topic on the platform. If you are 50 years old or above and interested in this topic, you may sign up for the platform to participate in the discussion.

 How can people over 50 manage Covid-19?

  1. From your experience, what are the best practices for people over 50 to manage the effects of Covid-19?
  2. What are your suggestions on government policies or health systems to help this group of people better deal with Covid-19?

Your participation, which is completely voluntary and anonymous, is greatly appreciated.

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PhD student, Maggie (Ji Yu),, 64 (09) 414 0800 ext. 43180

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