45 Minute Decision-making Study Over Zoom Audio

We are seeking individuals to participate in a study on decision-making in small groups. This study is being conducted by Cayce Jamil, a doctoral student in Public Policy, under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Dippong in the Department of Sociology at UNC Charlotte. Participation in the study will be conducted virtually over Zoom audio.

If eligible, you will be scheduled for a 30-minute research session, during which you complete a series of brief computer-based tests and participate in a short conversation with a task partner. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and have no history of hearing impairment. Participants will earn 2 $5 Amazon gift cards and be entered into a random drawing to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards.

You can sign up for the study using the following link:


Or you can email the Group Processes Research team at:


This study is approved by the UNC Charlotte IRB (#19-0536)

Compensation: $10 Amazon giftcard and entry to drawing for $25 Amazon giftcard

Location: https://unccdecisionmakingstudy.youcanbook.me/


Cayce Jamil at Uncc

Recruitment Began

2021-07-08 15:30:01




$10 Amazon giftcard and entry to drawing for $25 Amazon giftcard


  • Age: 19 to 84
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Language: English