How does FindParticipants Work?

FindParticipants works like magic. We provide a direct connection between academic researchers, and thousands of research participants through an incredibly simple web-based interface.

FindParticipants also provides research participants the opportunity to be compensated for providing their feedback, ideas, and input to academic researchers around the world.

FindParticipants is a resource for academic researchers, allowing them to contact thousands of diverse research participants for participation in research studies in any field, at any time- immediately.

We developed FindParticipants around the idea that it shouldn't be so complicated, ineffective, time consuming, and expensive to recruit research participants for academic research studies. The catch was that we also wanted to ensure diverse sample populations, eliminating convenience sampling (and that particularly pesky "Limitations" section on research papers).

If you are interested in participating in academic research studies as a research participant, simply register here. Interested research participants provide information that allows academic researchers to finely tailor and target their research study requests, ensuring that research participants are only contacted when a study matching their data is requested.

This means that academic researchers can send requests for participation only to those participants that meet their criteria, and participants aren't bombarded with emails asking for participation in studies that they don't meet the criteria for!

And if you are an academic researcher, the process is just as simple. Register here, and a FindParticipants staff member will verify your account. Once your researcher account has been approved, you can get started immediately!