Loneliness Study

Are you actively using dating apps only to realize how alone you truly feel?

Have you ever wanted to talk about it with someone? Here is your chance.  If you are a man from ages 20-30, who has a high school diploma you might be eligible to participate. In order to qualify, you must be single; not in a romantic relationship.

All inquiries will remain confidential

Participation will include a brief phone screen and a one-hour interview about your experiences.

Participants who complete the protocol will be given a $20 amazon gift card for their time.  

If interested, please contact Mark Papp (principle investigator). I am a student at Adler University. I am completing this study as part of my dissertation.

 Phone: 917-770-6207                       

Email: mpapp@adler.edu                   

Email: irb@adler.edu

Compensation: $20 amazon gift card for each completed protocol

Location: adler.edu


Mark Papp at Adler University

Recruitment Began

2018-12-06 16:30:02




$20 amazon gift card for each completed protocol


  • Age: 20 to 30
  • Gender: Male