Former Sex Workers Who Worked In Nevada

Hello!  I am a Walden University research student conducting my Phd study on former sex workers who worked in Nevada and looked for, or received, mental health/advocacy support services in Nevada. The study that will be conducted by asking 4 questions on the phone when former sex workers looked for, or received, support services in Nevada.  The 4 questions are:

1)      Please tell me about your experience when you pursued or received harm reduction services, also known as advocacy support, in Nevada. 

2)      Please describe any thoughts or consideration you used when you pursued harm reduction services (or advocacy support) in Nevada. 

3)      If you received services from a harm reduction/advocacy facility, what was your experience(s)?  

4)      Please describe what you believed to be necessary offerings/benefits as harm reduction support for sex workers. 

For those who are English speaking, 18 of age, and been out of the sex work profession for at least six months are eligible to participate.  The study is approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on responses from participants.  I am offering a $20 Walmart e-gift card to participants!  
Thank you for your assistance.
Arlynda Almond
Phd Student, Walden University
(706) 415-7120

Compensation: $20 Walmart e-Gift Card

Location: Previously Worked in Nevada


Arlynda Almond at Walden University

Recruitment Began

2020-10-05 18:10:01


Previously Worked in Nevada


$20 Walmart e-Gift Card


  • Age: 18 to 83
  • Gender: Rather not say
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English