Causal Inference Study

Hello everybody,

I am needing your help to participate in a very short study about causal judgement that I have conducted. Please take 2 minutes to fill out the survey which is available in the link down below. I would very much appreciate it. I am a psychology student at Göttingen University in Germany and trying to write my bachelors thesis at the moment. Unfortunatly my department hasn't given me any financial support. So I won't be able to give away any giftcards or so. I am very sorry, but hopeful you'll do the study anyways. I need a total response set of 500 participants and really need still a lot of people. 


Thanks to everyone who participates.

Best Regards Laura


Compensation: N/A



Laura Ahlwes at Georg August Universität Göttingen

Recruitment Began

2019-02-09 08:40:02





  • Age: 20 to 82
  • Language: English