Animation Sound Design

Hi everyone,

I am looking for people to take part in a short survey on experimental sound design for animation.

The survey involves watching a 3 minute animation, and the answering a few questions on the sound.

Headphones are required.

This survey should take 5-10 minutes in total.

To make an informed decision on whether you want to take part in this study, please take a few minutes to read the information below.


My name is Franco Calabro and I would like to invite you to participate in this research project, which is part of my MA in Advanced Music Technology at the University of West London.This project has received ethical approval. 

This research project aims to find out whether binaural audio (with non-individualised HRTFs) enhances the viewing experince of animated film.

If you agree to take part, you will be asked to view a short animation and then complete an anonymous survey which will be asking you questions on the sound of the animation. You may request a summary of the findings (once analysed) by contacting the researcher - details below.

The survey should take you 5-10 minutes to complete. You can withdraw from the survey at anytime during its completion.

Data collected in this study will be analysed and used for the research in my project. 

If you have any questions or require more information about this study before or during your participation, please contact either of:

Franco Calabro - Research Student
Prof. Justin Paterson - Research Supervisor

Compensation: N/A



Franco Calabro at University Of West London

Recruitment Began

2019-08-09 12:30:01





  • Age: 18 to 92
  • Language: English