Short Survey For Online Shoppers

Dear respondent,

I'm currently conducting a survey regarding online shopping for clothing. You have been selected to participate in this research and have the chance to win a £20 Amazon gift card.


Participate by completing this 3-min survey:


How do you stand a chance of winning the £20 Amazon gift card?

You have a chance to win the gift card if you 1) belong to the population (have shopped online for clothing at least once) and 2) answer the questions truthfully. This is to give a bigger chance to the fitting respondents who have helped me with my study. 


How do you know if you have won?

The winner will be drawn and announced via email in May.


 Thank you in advance for your participation!


Best regards,

Christelle Conti 

Compensation: random drawing £20 Amazon gift card



Christelle Conti at Ku Leuven

Recruitment Began

2019-04-12 12:00:01



random drawing £20 Amazon gift card


  • Age: 16 to 54
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English