Psychology Dissertation - Mental Health Services Beliefs


Enter for a chance to win $50 Gift Card by completing a survey about Professional Help Seeking Attitudes and Beliefs and Mental Health Service Utilization. 

Your participation is important and will be used to help understand your thoughts about mental health services by Korean immigrants and Korean Americans living in the United States.  Your participation will involve completion of an agreement to participate and two brief questionnaires that will require about 15-30 minutes of your time to complete.

In order to participate in this study, you must be ages between 18 to 65  years of age, and one of the following, South Korean Immigrant (Korean living in the United States), or South Korean American (South Korean ethnically, but was born and raised in the United States).   Your responses will be anonymous, kept confidential, secure and discrete.  

In order to be eligible to enter for a $50 gift card, you MUST be eligible to participate in the study  (See above for eligibility), agree to the consent, and you MUST complete the survey.  Once the survey is completed, you will be prompted to enter for the $50 gift card raffle.


Approved by Alliant International University Institutional Review Board 

Thank you for your participation.


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Deanna Park at Alliant International Institute

Recruitment Began

2019-11-05 10:10:02



Raffle for $50 visa Gift Card


  • Age: 18 to 65
  • Gender: Male, Female, Rather not say
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English, Korean